What we do

Uzima Empowerment engages in sensitizing the public to create awareness and to encourage people to seek support in time. Uzima Empowerment fights the stigmas and taboos related to mental health disorders.

Uzima Empowerment works on prevention through sensitization about early detection and on response mechanisms to avoid exacerbations. With the Uzima Empowerment code of conduct for an holistic approach we intend to offer coping mechanisms in order to stabilize patients whilst being referred to specialized care.

Uzima Empowerment intends to setup shelters where ambulant patients who seek mental health support can interact with our professionals for counsellings. We intend to ensure that mental patients can finally find access to proper diagnosis, helpful treatment and possibly rehabilitation.

This can be achieved through a collective responsibility whereby Uzima Empowerment works hand-in-hand with other professionals of various sectors to gradually shift minds and adequate attitudes.

Uzima Empowerment designs and offers trainings to school staff, police officers, community leaders, traditional healers and religious leaders on basic identification and referral reflexes concering mental health and in psychosocial skills to empower them for this.

In the ultimate long run Uzima Empowerment Houses will be availed as safe mental care shelters in order to maximize the pantient’s chances on de-escalation and rehabilitation into the society.

Target groups

Uzima Empowerment is open to all patients who seek advise, help or guidance in their lives.  However since its start Uzima Empowerment acknowledges some prominents subgroups.

Amongst others we primarily recognise the vulnerable group of young girls and teenage mothers, often left out of schools, abandoned by their families and isolated in the community at large.  Hence they are more likely victims of sexual abuse and violence.